Council Budget

Adopted Council Budget 2016/17

The 2016/17 Budget aims to achieve a responsible balance between the community’s demand for high quality services, capital works and infrastructure maintenance with the community’s capacity to pay.

'The Budget maintains a strong financial position which is sustainable long term despite State Government imposed rate capping. The Budget maintains all current Council services as well as delivering a substantial capital works and asset maintenance and renewal program', said Cr Ullin.

The Budget includes a 2.5 per cent increase in the average general rate, as determined by the Minister for Local Government under the new Fair Go Rates System. As this is a general revaluation year, individual rate assessments will vary from the average according to the movement in individual valuations. The average garbage and garden waste charge is also increased by 2.5 per cent to cover waste management costs, including the EPA Environmental Landfill Levy.

Key highlights of the $68.97 million capital works program for 2016/17 include:

  • Cato Street redevelopment $21.24 million;
  • Road, footpath and bridges (excluding Chapel Street Masterplan) $7.12 million;
  • Chapel Street Streetscape Masterplan $2.00 million;
  • Dunlop Pavilion redevelopment $4.90 million;
  • Open space acquisitions $3.00 million;
  • Prahran Town Hall Masterplan $2.60 million;
  • Drainage improvements $2.53 million;
  • Malvern Valley Golf Course works $2.43 million;
  • Synthetic oval construction $1.76 million;
  • Harold Holt Swim Centre pool tiling $1.19 million;
  • Yarra River Biodiversity Project $0.99 million;
  • Library stock and equipment $0.92 million;
  • Bicycle strategy and path improvement $0.63 million;
  • Harold Holt Swim Centre Masterplan $0.50 million; and
  • Prahran Market Works $0.42 million.

New loan borrowings of $14.0 million are included in the budget to supplement operational cash to fund these significant capital works in 2016/17, as was foreshadowed in the Strategic Resources Plan.

Download a copy of the Council Budget 2016/17(PDF, 2MB)

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