Council Plan (Strategic Resource Plan)

Draft Council Plan 2017/2021

Alongside Stonnington Council's Budget, the Council Plan (Strategic Resource Plan) guides Council’s vision, direction and provision of services, and focuses on four key pillars: 

  • community
  • environment
  • liveability
  • economy

The opportunity to provide feedback on the City of Stonnington's Draft Council Plan 2017/2021, and Draft Budget 2017/2018, is now closed.

Written submissions that have been received will be heard at a Committee meeting on Monday 29 May at 6.30pm at the Malvern Town Hall.

The final Council Plan and Budget will be considered by Council for adoption on Monday 5 June 2017.

The plan articulates Council’s vision, goals and strategic actions that guide decision-making over a four-year term. The plan is a collaborative effort involving Councillors, the organisation and our community.

Download a copy of the previous Council Plans here:

Council Plan 2013/2017 Year 4(PDF, 2MB)

Council Plan 2013/2017 Year 3(PDF, 5MB)

Council Plan 2013/2017 Year 2(PDF, 5MB)

Council Plan 2013/2017 Year 1(PDF, 5MB)

Council Plan 2009/2013 Year 4(PDF, 2MB)

Council Plan 2009/2013 Year 3(PDF, 4MB)

Council Plan 2009/2013 Year 2(PDF, 4MB)

Council Plan 2008/2012(PDF, 2MB)

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