Report and Consent

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What is report and consent?

What is the process?

Minister’s guidelines

Neighbours’ input

Applicable regulations

Application forms

Fee Schedule

Report and consent for demolition  

What is report and consent?

Report and consent refers to situations where an aspect of your building design does not meet the siting rules set out in the applicable building regulation. In these cases you have the option of checking the building proposal against one or more Minister’s guidelines, which have been developed for these situations by the office of the Minister for Planning.

If you can show that your siting design is within the conditions set out in the applicable Minister’s guideline(s), you can apply to Council (the ‘reporting authority’) for report and consent.

We then either approve or refuse the application. (In some cases the application may need to be reviewed by a different reporting authority, such as an electricity supply authority.)

Note that the relevant building surveyor cannot issue a building permit unless they are satisfied that any required consent has been obtained.

What is the process?

If your design does not meet the conditions set out in the relevant building regulation, you need to do the following:

  • Review the applicable minister’s guideline
  • Complete the report and consent application form (see below)
  • Assemble the required supporting documents (as specified in the application form)
  • Submit the application to Council

If you aren’t sure about this you may want to talk to your building surveyor or architect, or contact us for more information.

Advice to applicants

Please be advised if nearby allotments are deemed affected, then Council may invite those adjoining owners to view the plans and make comment. Generally this office allows up to 2 weeks for an adjoining owner to review the plans held with Council.

Minister’s guidelines

There are minister’s guidelines for the following categories:

  • Maximum street setback
  • Minimum street setback
  • Building height
  • Site coverage
  • Permeability
  • Car parking
  • Side and rear setbacks
  • Walls on boundaries
  • Daylight to existing habitable room windows
  • Solar access to existing north-facing windows
  • Overshadowing of secluded private open space
  • Overlooking
  • Daylight to new habitable room windows
  • Private open space
  • Front fence height

Neighbours’ input

When considering any application for report and consent, we take into account the impact the proposed siting might have on adjoining properties. We may also contact neighbours for their comments, which may in turn have a bearing on our decision to approve or refuse the siting design.

If we decide to refuse your application, you have the right to appeal the decision to the Building Appeals Board. Note that neighbours don’t have a right of appeal if they don’t agree with the decision.

Applicable regulations

The full Victorian Building Regulations are published online. Click here to view the full list.

Report and consent applies to the following building regulations:

 Report and Consent Regulations


Building over an easement (more information)


Projections beyond street alignment 


Buildings above or below certain public facilities


Maximum street setback


Building height


Site coverage




Car parking


Side and rear setbacks


Walls on boundaries 


Daylight to existing habitable room windows


Solar access to existing north-facing windows


Overshadowing of recreational private open spaces 




Private open space


Siting of appurtenant Class 10a building 


Front fence height


Fence setback on side or rear boundary not complying with reg. 425 


Fence on or within 150mm of side or rear boundary 


Fence on street alignment 


Fences and daylight to windows in existing dwelling


Fences and solar access to existing north-facing habitable room windows


Fences and overshadowing of recreational private open space


Mast, poles, etc


Precautions over a street (more information)


Point of discharge of storm water (more information) 


Installation of a septic tank system in an unsewered area or construction of a building over an existing septic tank system in an unsewered area (not applicable in Stonnington)


Construction of buildings on land liable to flooding (more information)


Building on designated land

Application forms

Application form

When to use

Report & Consent Application Form (for siting, easements & flooding)(DOC, 78KB)

For all report and consent applications apart from those relating to precautions over street

Report and Consent Application Form (for Precautions over street(DOC, 86KB)

For report and consent applications relating to precautions over street


 Building Permit and Regulation Fees

Report and consent for demolition

At Stonnington, Section 29A Requests for Report and Consent for Demolition are dealt with by the Statutory Planning Unit.