Hoardings and Barricades Over Council Land

Stonnington's local laws don’t specify when builders are required to erect hoardings or take precautions to protect the safety of the public. They simply state that if you need to erect hoardings or barricades over Council land you must obtain a permit.

Our Street Occupation Guidelines(DOC, 147KB) outline this process in more detail.

Role of the building surveyor

The relevant building surveyor is responsible for:

  • Deciding when precautions are required through the project
  • Seeking details of precautions from the designer/builder
  • Approving the suitability of precautions
  • Obtaining consent and report for those precautions before issuing any building permit (refer to the Report and Consent page).
  • Including details of any proposed  precautions when submitting a copy of the building permit application to Council

We have prepared a flow diagram(DOC, 111KB) of the main activities performed by the building surveyor in this process.

Local law permit

Once the building surveyor has carried out the above tasks, the builder still needs to obtain a local law permit before erecting any hoardings or barricades. Refer to the Local Law Permits – Construction page for more information.