Obtaining Property Information

Information requests

Under sub-regulation 51 of the Building Regulations 2018, any person may request information about a property, including the following:

  • Details of any building permits or certificates of final inspection issued in the preceding 10 years
  • Information about the property’s susceptibility to flooding
  • Whether buildings in the area are likely to be subject to attack by termites

You can apply for this type of information online and receive the information as a PDF document via email. Refer to our eServices page.

Alternatively, you can download an application and post it to us.

Application for Building Property Information 51(1)(DOC, 951KB)

Application for Building Property Information 51(2)(DOC, 952KB)

Historical information on land titles

Our History section has information on the evolution of land titles in Victoria.

Stormwater outlets

For information about stormwater outlets, refer to our Stormwater Outlets page.

Land information certificates

Land information certificates, as detailed in the Local Government Regulations, are dealt with by our Rates section. This certificate provides information regarding:

  • Valuation
  • Rates
  • Charges
  • Other moneys owing
  • Orders and notices made under the Local Government Act or the Local Law
  • The specified flood level (if any)

Refer to our Land Information Certificate Applications page.

Planning certificates

Planning certificates are issued by the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI). They provide details of:

  • Planning instruments affecting a property
  • Zoning
  • Any other planning controls (such as any heritage controls)

For further information go to the DTPLI webpage.


The costs are outlined in the fee schedule under property information, please click here(PDF, 259KB) to download.