Swimming Pools and Spas

Domestic pools and spas throughout Victoria, regardless of when they were built, must be provided with safety barriers to prevent unsupervised children from accessing the pool or spa area. This includes in-ground and above-ground, and internal and external pools and spas.

The legislation also requires that all pool and spa barriers must be maintained to perform as intended.

Council carries out an audit program to monitor and enforce the above requirements.

Safety requirements

Building Regulations 703704 and 705 give the safety barrier requirements for pools and spas.

Some key requirements to note:

  • All pools and spas built since 2010 require a four-sided fence, with no direct access from the house to the pool or spa surround (that is, a building wall cannot form part of the fence)
  • If a pool or spa – even an inflatable one – can hold 30cms or more of water it must be fenced off
  • Gates around pools and spas must be self-closing and self-latching
  • You should never prop open a pool gate, even for a minute or two – this is illegal
  • Take care to ensure there are no chairs, tables or any other objects near the pool fence – children could use these to climb over the fence


Building Regulation 1220 contains the maintenance requirements for all pool and spa barriers, no matter when installed.