Building Vehicle Crossings

Consent is required under the Road Management Act 2004 to construct a permanent vehicle crossing or alter a vehicle crossing. A permit is required under the City of Stonnington General Local Law 2008 (No.1) (General Local Law) to place a temporary crossing on any Council owned or managed road. A permit issued under the General Local Law is evidence of consent under the Road Management Act 2004.

When is a permanent vehicle crossing consent required?

When is a temporary vehicle crossing consent required?

How to apply for vehicle crossing consent?

Application requirements for a vehicle crossing consent

Additional information for permanent vehicle crossing

Fee and lodgment

When is a permanent vehicle crossing consent required?

The owner and occupier of land must ensure that each point of vehicular access from a road to the land has an appropriately constructed vehicle crossing. Construction, installation, removal or alteration of a vehicle crossing requires consent.

Crossovers for arterial roads require consent from the Coordinating Road Authority. The Coordinating Road Authority for arterial roads is Vic Roads. A planning permit, issued by Council's Statutory Planning Unit, will be required to address the suitability of the proposal.

The holder of the permit/consent will be responsible to engage a suitably experienced contractor to conduct the works. Site inspections by Council officers will be required at a number of stages during the construction process.

When is a temporary vehicle crossing consent required?

A temporary vehicle crossover permit must be obtained to allow a temporary access point for vehicle/s to cross from the road to an abutting property during the period of building work.

A permit under the General Local Law applies for the placement of temporary crossings as used by builders. Permits are issued for a period of three months. A further application is required for any extensions after three months and an additional fee may be payable.

How to apply for vehicle crossing consent?

 Permanent Vehicle Crossover
 Temporary Vehicle Crossover

 Application for permanent vehicle crossover(DOCX, 150KB)

 Application for temporary vehicle crossover(DOCX, 64KB)

For more information refer to the vehicle crossing policy(PDF, 492KB)

 Apply via e-services 

Council approved temporary vehicle crossover designs:

Application requirements for a vehicle crossing consent

The applicant must provide:

  • a fully completed application form and applicable fee.
  • a fully dimensioned and detailed site plan/drawing including a description of works that:
    • provides a detailed site plan/drawing of the subject site, fully scaled and dimensioned, including physical constraints such as pits, poles, drainage points, street trees, and any existing/redundant vehicle crossovers to the subject site
    • indicate the length and width of the proposed crossover
    • indicate the width of the property frontage including the proposed location of the crossover
  • confirmation that Dial Before You DIG (phone 1100) has been contacted before commencing any work, to ensure that no underground services are damaged
  • the owner's consent if the applicant is not the owner
  • copies of any proposed traffic management plan
  • consents from utility authorities where their services are affected
  • a copy of current Public Liability Insurance
  • copies of notices provided to other infrastructure or works managers
  • details of public consultations, if required.

Additional information for permanent vehicle crossings

Application assessment:

Any required alteration to street signs, parking metres or road line-markings etc. will be at cost to the applicant/property owner. In some instances, other payments may be required to Council such as for the loss of a street tree which diminishes amenity. These issues will be determined along with other criteria in the assessment of the application.

Consent requirements:

Once consent is issued a request for a pre-pour and final inspection of a vehicle crossover and removal of any redundant crossovers is required. The applicant must notify Council within 24 hours by contacting council’s relevant officer (refer to the vehicle crossing consent for details). Any damage to surrounding road surface is required to be repaired within a specified period. If this does not occur Council will repair the road and recover the costs directly from the applicant or property owner, or if applicable from the Road Asset Program Bond.

Fee and lodgment

Applications can be submitted to Council's Building and Local Laws Services Unit. Click here for contact/lodgement information.

For current fees, please refer to Building Local Laws Fee Schedule.(PDF, 56KB)

  • Applications take a minimum of 20 business days to assess, provided no further information or changes are required.
  • Work must not commence without a consent being issued.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.