Road Occupation

A permit is required to wholly or partially occupy a footpath or road for works for the following:

  • the erection of hoarding, scaffolding, protective barriers or like structures or overhead protective awnings or gantry
  • to place, leave a machine standing or use a crane including any overhanging or encroachment of a crane's jib or stabilising legs, travel tower, boom, hydraulic arm, lift, tackles, hoisting devices or other machine or any building works
  • to place or store any construction materials or tools, machinery, plant or equipment, site sheds, delivery of materials and the running of concrete delivery pipelines, chutes etc.

Hoarding and barricades on or over Council land

How to apply for a road occupation permit?

Fee and lodgment

Hoarding and barricades on or over Council land

Hoardings and barricades are a common sight around building sites. They protect the public during construction and secure the site when unattended. The Victorian Building Authority has produced a Practice Note which outlines the roles and responsibilities of building surveyors and councils with relation to regulation 116 of the Building Regulations 2006 (Building Regulations), concerning precautions to protect the public whilst building work is being undertaken.

report and consent pursuant to regulation 116 of the Building Regulations must first be obtained before a building permit can be issued. Once a building permit has been issued a Local Laws hoarding permit must be obtained before erecting any hoarding, scaffolding, and protective barrier or like structure on a road, public place or Council land.

A requirement for hoardings may be brought about by:

a)      a determination by the relevant building surveyor that precautions are required to protect the safety of the public

b)      a desire by the builder or land owner to place hoardings on Council land

c)      any other valid reason, as determined by Council. For example if a building permit is not required or work is not 'building work', there may be occasions when a barricade or hoarding are still necessary for safety reasons. If this is the case, a Local Law hoarding permit will be required.

In assessing hoarding permit applications, Council will check suitability against likely risks and the impact on pedestrians, traffic movement and services.

How to apply for a road occupation permit?

Please note that works must not commence without the relevant permit. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 


Application for Road Occupation / Lifting Device(DOC, 1020KB)

See the Builders Information Pack for further information.

Hoardings on or over council land

 Application for hoarding and barricades(DOC, 2MB)


We now accept online applications for 'Building and Local Law Permits' via e-services.

When applying for all of the above, please ensure you have:

  1. a fully completed application form and application fee
  2. report and consent from Council pursuant to regulation 116 of the Building Regulations for hoarding and barricades on or over Council land
  3. a fully dimensioned and detailed site plan
  4. a fully detailed traffic management plan
  5. a copy of a current public liability insurance policy with minimum cover of $10 million.
  6. If any temporary obstruction, occupation or change to the normal footpath or road conditions denies access, as defined in the City of Stonnington General Local Law 2008 (No.1) standards applicable to building operators(DOC, 149KB), a written submission is to be provided outlining the reasons obstruction is unavoidable.
  7. Where a crane overhangs or encroaches above a third party the following are required:
    • evidence of written consent (license) by the owner of the airspace to the person responsible
    • a manufacturer's certificate of compliance for any concrete panels to be hoisted.

Fee and lodgment

Applications can be submitted to Council's Building and Local Laws Services Unit. Click here for contact/lodgment information.

For current fees, please refer to Building Local Laws Fee Schedule.(PDF, 56KB)

Applications take 10 business days to assess provided no further information or changes are required.