Works zone

Works zones are allowed under rule 181 of the Road Safety Road Rules. A works zone occupation permit may be required to provide construction workers dedicated parking in a works zone adjacent to the construction site which may also include (with agreement) in front of an adjoining property for long-term developments during the construction period (one month to long-term).

For short-term trades person parking please click here.

Apply for a works zone occupation permit

Apply with the application form Application for works zone occupation permit(DOC, 310KB), or online via e-services.

The Permit:

  • is issued for a minimum period of four weeks
  • allocates the parking spaces adjacent to the property frontage as a works zone or (if agreed) in front of adjoining property also
  • stipulates that a designated works zone usually extends no further than the width of the property it serves
  • allows operations between 7am and 3pm Monday to Friday (each day) only
  • can cover either a single dwelling, multiple dwelling or commercial building projects
  • application must be accompanied by a fully dimensioned and detailed site plan including the number of car parking spaces required, any existing parking control signage and written justification as to the need for special parking.

For more information refer to the Builders Information Pack.

Fee and lodgment

Applications can be submitted to Council's Building and Local Laws Services Unit. Click here for contact/lodgment information.

For current fees, please refer to the Building Local Laws Fee Schedule.(PDF, 215KB)

  • Applications take 20 business days to assess provided no further information or changes are required.
  • Applications must be made at least four weeks prior to the proposed commencement of a works zone to enable processing and creating and installing the signs.
  • Applications can be made for a period of up to six months, after which extensions of time may be granted with the relevant fee.

Request for removal of works zone/ extension of permit

When the works zone occupation permit is no longer required, or is ready to expire, the permit holder must contact Council’s Local Laws department so that the works zone signage can be removed or the permit duration extended.