Active participation in Stonnington

Purpose-built to meet the needs of Stonnington residents

The multipurpose sport and recreation facility incorporating a four-court indoor sports stadium in Stonnington will be one of Council’s largest-ever investments in sporting infrastructure.  At an expected cost of more than $30 million (including upgraded facilities for the current onsite sporting clubs), the stadium will cater for indoor sports, principally netball and basketball, providing a much-needed community asset for local clubs, schools and associations.

The need for more indoor courts

Participation statistics from the Australian Sports Commission indicate that netball and basketball are the 4th and 7th most popular participation sports in Australia.

A 2015 needs analysis into demand for additional multi-court indoor facilities in Stonnington clearly showed a shortage of indoor court space.  Stadiums in nearby municipalities are also at capacity and Stonnington requires at least four additional courts to meet current demand.

As part of the feasibility study, Otium Planning Group assessed the demand for indoor courts and the feasibility of the proposed development, management and operation of a four-court stadium at Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park.

This report found that lack of available indoor courts, current high occupancy level of existing facilities, participation growth, predicted population growth rate and anticipated demand for basketball and netball supported the future provision of additional indoor sports courts.

Giving women fairer access to sporting facilities 

According to a 2016 VicHealth research report, increased participation by community members is more likely in local government areas with a high availability of sports facilities.

Participation in organised sport contributes to a healthy Stonnington, with 37% of people interviewed for the VicHealth Indicators Survey in 2015 reporting they participate in organised sport. Significantly higher than the Victorian average of 29%.

Women and girls deserve modern, safe, welcoming and inclusive sporting facilities, and a new indoor facility in Stonnington is required to meet the needs of sports including netball and basketball, that are popular among women and girls.

Long-established sports such as Australian rules football and cricket have tended to dominate use of Stonnington’s sporting facilities while sports such as netball and basketball, which are more popular among females, have historically had access to fewer facilities.

More indoor courts in Stonnington is an important step towards improving equity of access to sporting facilities, helping to ensure all residents have access to high-quality, purpose-built recreational facilities in Stonnington.