Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Stonnington need a new sports facility?

The City of Stonnington has a shortage of indoor sporting facilities. An analysis of potential participation in indoor court sports shows that Stonnington requires at least four additional courts to meet current demand. A new facility is particularly important to meet the needs of sport’s that are popular among women such as netball and basketball, which are currently under-catered for in Stonnington.

What will the stadium be used for?

The Stonnington Indoor Sports Stadium will cater for a wide variety of indoor sports, in particular basketball and netball.

What facilities will the new stadium include?

The stadium design will be determined in consultation with stakeholders. We expect it will include four full-size courts, on-site car parking, seating and change room facilities.

Who will have access to the new stadium?

The stadium will service clubs representing Stonnington’s 4,000 registered netball and basketball players. The stadium will be available to local schools, community groups and sporting clubs to host activities and events.

Why is Council prioritising women’s sport?

Long-established male-dominated sports such as Australian Rules football and cricket are extremely popular in Stonnington and have tended to dominate use of Council’s sporting facilities.

Facilities for sports that are more female dominated such as netball or gender-balanced such as basketball have historically had access to fewer facilities.

The feasibility study into the proposed location of the stadium is an important first-step towards improving equity and ensuring all residents, regardless of gender, have access to high quality, purpose-built recreational facilities in Stonnington.

Why not just expand an existing facility?

Council’s sole purpose-built indoor sporting facility, Orrong Romanis Recreation Centre has two courts and is at capacity. A 2015 needs analysis into demand for additional multi-court stadiums in Stonnington clearly showed a shortage of indoor court space, particularly for netball and basketball. Most stadiums in nearby municipalities are also at capacity.

Why was Chadstone Bowls Club selected as the preferred location?

Chadstone Bowls Club was chosen as the preferred location for the feasibility study after consideration of potential sites across the municipality. As Stonnington has the second lowest amount of open space per capita of all Victorian councils, existing sports grounds and open space were ruled out. After consideration of the levels of sporting activity and the options for relocating existing users, the Chadstone Bowls Club was selected as the most suitable site for further investigation.

What is the purpose of the feasibility study into the Chadstone Bowls Club site?

The feasibility study will provide Council with expert opinion, independent data and community feedback in order to make an informed decision. It will include detailed traffic and parking analysis of the streets around Chadstone Bowls Club and Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park.

Has Council already made up its mind?

No. Council is listening to the community and we want to assure residents that no final decision has been made. An extensive community consultation process is underway to give residents an opportunity to be heard and learn more about our plans.

Are you still considering other sites?

Yes. On 10 July 2017 Council passed a motion to consider three possible alternate sites for an indoor stadium. These sites were land within the Malvern Valley Golf Course, Orrong-Romanis Reserve, and the car park opposite the East Malvern RSL Club. A report on these three sites was presented to Council on Monday 4 September. This report is available to read and will form part of the final feasibility study.

When will the feasibility study be finished?

Council understands the level of community interest in this matter and are pursuing opportunities to bring the finalisation of the feasibility study into the Chadstone Bowls Club site at Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park forward from the original expected date of November. 

Will the stadium take up existing open space?

No. The proposed new stadium would be built within the existing footprint of the bowls club and will not encroach upon the tennis courts, sportsgrounds or surrounding public open space.

Will I get a chance to have a say on where the stadium goes?

Yes. In June, as part of the feasibility study, Council held a series of community consultation workshops as well as an online survey. We also met with key stakeholders and sporting clubs to listen to their views. Once this process is complete Council will carefully consider all the findings before making a final decision on the location of the new stadium. Future consultation will be announced on Connect Stonnington. You can also register for email updates.