Heritage Guidelines & Overlays

Heritage Guidelines

Find details of out heritage guidelines here:

Heritage-Guidelines.pdf(PDF, 1MB)  


Heritage Overlays

Each Heritage Overlay citation provides a history, description and reasons the place or precinct is an important part of Stonnington’s heritage. Citations for individual heritage places and heritage precincts in the City of Stonnington are now available directly from the Victorian Heritage Database.

The Victorian Heritage Database is home to the Victorian Heritage Register which lists the State’s most significant heritage places, objects and historic shipwrecks protected under the Heritage Act 1995. It's also home to the Victorian Heritage Inventory which lists all known historical archaeological sites in Victoria.


Tips for using the Victorian Heritage Database

Use these step by step instructions to help you find the Heritage Overlay/address you are looking for.

Victorian-Heritage-Database-instructions.pdf(PDF, 170KB)