Burke Road Level Crossing Removal Project

burke level crossing.png

Burke Road Level Crossing Removal Project - Now Complete

Over the next eight years, the State Government will deliver a coordinated program to remove 50 of the worst level crossings in Melbourne. This will improve safety, reduce congestion and enable more frequent train services. To deliver these 50 removals, the Government has set up the Level Crossing Removal Authority.

For the Burke Road Level Crossing Removal Project, Stonnington residents can now return to using Gardiner Station to commute with the station now open.

The new rail station and tram stop are operating on Burke Road, and the level crossing has been removed, making it safer for commuters, drivers and pedestrians. 

The temporary site office at Gardiner Park has been removed and the park has been returned to the City of Stonnington. Reinstatement works are currently underway.

Read more about updates on Council’s improvements to Gardiner Park.

For further information about Burke Road level crossing removal and other level crossing projects, visit the Level Crossing Removal Authority website or call 1800 762 667.