Northbrook Pop-up Gallery

This bright and spacious exhibition venue can be found in the historic Northbrook ballroom, tucked behind Malvern Library and the Stonnington History Centre.

In line with the city’s Strategic Vision for Arts and Culture, temporary project venues such as Northbrook Pop-Up Gallery contribute to Stonnington’s liveability by developing dynamic creative spaces and celebrating creative communities.

For more information, contact our Arts and Culture Unit on 8290 1333.

Northbrook Pop-up Gallery
1257 High Street, Malvern (behind Malvern Library)



Trunk with clothes

Exhibition: Opening Maggie's Trunk

Neatly folded linen, carefully worked doilies and unworn silk nightdresses commonly made up a woman’s trousseau in preparation for marriage. This exhibition explores duty, loss, strength, custodianship and the expectations surrounding women in the early twentieth century.

In the two weeks preceding the performances of This Thread is Strong (see below), this exhibition by Violet & Rose productions reveals the contents of Maggie's trunk, along with the recorded stories (Community Conversations) from members of your local community telling of their precious item that can't be thrown away. 

Gallery hours: Thursdays - Saturdays, 12pm - 5pm, from 9 - 19 November 

Northbrook Pop-up Gallery, 1257 High Street Malvern (at the rear of the Stonnington History Centre, behind Malvern Library)

Theatre performances: This Thread is Strong

'... oh you can't possibly throw it all away, there's still time ... remember this was your Aunt's, your Grandmother's lace, you just can't let it go ... not yet ...'. 

Opening an old trunk reveals an unused trousseau. Why, eighty years on, does Maggie's collection remain intact? An exploration of duty, expectations, loss, strength and custodianship. Devised and performed by Clare Larman and Maureen Hartley. A Violet & Rose production.

Friday 17 November: 7.30pm
Saturday 18 November: 7.30pm
Sunday 19 November: 2pm 

Tickets: $25 full, $18 concession. Book now.