New Stonnington Council Plan 2017–2021

Press Release | 21 June 2017


At the Council Meeting on Monday 5 June, the Stonnington Council Plan 2017–2021 was adopted alongside the 2017/18 Budget and articulates Council’s vision, goals and strategic actions that guide decision-making over a four-year term.

City of Stonnington Mayor Cr Jami Klisaris said “The Council Plan is a collaborative effort involving Councillors, the organisation and our community.

“It is Council’s vision that the City of Stonnington will be an inclusive, healthy, creative, sustainable and smart community implemented through four key pillars: Community, Liveability, Environment and Economy.

“Stonnington is a vibrant community and a desirable place to live, work and visit. We look forward to working closely with our community, to continue to build on the success of our City and to create opportunities that fulfil our community’s expectations through the implementation of the new Council Plan,” added Cr Klisaris.

Some of the key priorities in the Council Plan include:

  • Maintaining Council’s strong financial position with a focus on responsible financial management, through maintaining a solid operating surplus and ensuring appropriate capital spending to meet community needs.
  • Supporting our residents through Council’s many service programs including maternal and child health, childcare, youth and aged services.

  • Planning for a municipality that has vibrant activity centres providing a diversity of living, working, shopping and community opportunities.

  • Implementing Council’s 20-year Open Space Strategy to address the important community issue of creating quality open space. Council sees a future with creative and attractive open space for all future generations. 

  • Delivering high quality proactive maintenance programs that enhance the liveability of our City. 

  • Advocacy for improved and accessible public transport, especially upgrades to the South Yarra train station and other city shaping improvements. Council will also continue to prioritise quality local streetscapes to create more pedestrian, bicycle and public transport friendly environments which promote sustainable transport.

  • Redeveloping the Prahran Aquatic Centre, Harold Holt Swim Centre, Cato Square and Prahran Town Hall, and continue to upgrade sporting pavilions and other essential recreational facilities. 

  • Improving Council’s environmental performance and practices by implementing practices such as energy conservation measures, sustainable purchasing, enhancing natural areas, waste management and minimisation and integrated water management. 

 For more information visit our Council Plan web page