Council Childcare Services

The City of Stonnington Childcare Services provides care and education for children aged three months to five years.

Council's Childcare Services offer a range of care options providing families with choice and flexibility.

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Our objectives are to provide/manage:

  • a range of affordable, high quality childcare options to meet needs of parents who live, work or study in the City of Stonnington
  • 'high quality' care as defined by Federal Government standards
  • a program that is culturally sensitive and developmentally appropriate and is based on the individual needs of children and the diversity of families
  • practical support to families in their child-rearing role and to encourage and support parents as contributors to the program
  • a safe, happy, stimulating and aesthetically pleasing environment
  • a service that it is cohesive, efficient and financially viable while meeting both regulatory requirements and funding guidelines.

Childcare Services Philosophy

The City of Stonnington Childcare Services values and respects children and families as individuals and provides nurturing, supportive, welcoming, safe and secure places for children to learn, grow and be. 



  • We acknowledge the right of children to learn at their own pace and in their own way and will provide experiences for all children and areas of development.
  • We recognise that children learn through play and will provide a play-based program to maximise each child's potential.
  • We provide opportunities to empower children to be effective communicators and make positive choices.
  • We encourage children to be socially responsible active citizens in their environment and the community.


  • We provide a safe and secure environment for children.
  • We promote environmentally responsible practices to adults and children through environmental education.


  • Early childhood is important in shaping each child's unique personality and we will foster each child's self esteem, sense of self and identity.


  • We believe that the family is the most important relationship for the child.
  • We work in partnership with families to support children's learning, development and wellbeing.
  • We respect the choices that each family makes, acknowledging their culture, religion and beliefs.
  • We provide enrichment, and security that complements family life. 
  • We invite family participation in our program.

Early Childhood Professionals

  • We advocate for children and protect them.
  • We celebrate diversity and actively promote equality.
  • We commit to maintaining our own professionalism and ongoing learning.
  • We work collaboratively with colleagues and families.