Children's Program and Centre Operations

Children's Program and Centre Operations


Council's team of qualified and experienced Educators provide the children with a play-based program that includes a range of stimulating and creative activities specifically chosen to meet each child's individual needs and interests. The programs are designed to strengthen all aspects of the children's development, foster self-confidence and independence, and prepare each child for successful transition to school. The current children's program is on display in each room.

Educators will collate, for each child, a Program Planning Folio containing observations, records of discussions with parents, photo documentation, artwork and individual plans. Parents are encouraged to view only their child's Program Planning Folio at their leisure. In Long Day Care, Occasional Care and Kindergarten, qualified Educators receive non-contact time to plan the children's program. An effective program ensures the needs; abilities and interests of the children are incorporated into a challenging and engaging program.

National Quality Standard
Grosvenor Street Childcare Centre, Princes Close Childcare Centre, Hornbrook Children's Centre are assessed through the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority on the quality of care provided.

The childcare centres follow the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development regulations to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of the children.


Meal times are a social learning experience for the children and an opportunity to develop their independence. 

Princes Close Childcare Centre and Hornbrook Children's Centre provide three meals per day that meet the children's daily nutritional requirements. The current menu is displayed near the centre's kitchen.

At Grosvenor Street and Winter Street Childcare Centres parents are to provide meals for the day. 

Centre Management

The Team Leader is responsible for the day-to-day operations at the centre and the Childcare Services Co-ordinator manages the overall strategic direction of all four Council centres.

The Childcare Co-ordinator is based at the Prahran Town Hall and can be contacted via or 03 8290 1333.


Qualified Early Childhood Educators, in collaboration with qualified assistant childcare Educators, provide care, education and supervision of children throughout the day. Where meals are provided on-site, a part-time cook is employed. Administration officers are employed to work across the services. The names of the room Educators, relievers and cooks are displayed in the foyer of each centre.

Educators are employed in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011) and Children's Services Regulations (2009) ensuring the correct Educator: child and qualified Educator: child ratios are maintained at all times. The City of Stonnington is an Equal Opportunity Employer, supporting the employment of Educators from a range of cultural backgrounds including both male and female Children's Services Educators. Policies and practices across the service aim to achieve continuity of care. Stonnington Childcare Services supports and facilitates the professional experience of students completing student/industry placement.