Enrolment Process

Enrolment Process

To start the enrolment process for a Stonnington Council childcare centre, families are required to ring and make an appointment for a centre tour.  The tour provides an overview of the specific operations of the centre and enables parents and children to view the facilities, programs, and meet the staff and ask questions.

If you are interested enrolling your child, a placement request form(DOCX, 364KB) must be completed following a centre tour. 

Waiting Lists

When there are no vacancies in the long day care or kindergarten services, families needing care are placed on a waiting list. Childcare is then offered in accordance with service policy and the ‘priority of access’ guidelines as outlined by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Placement on the waiting list is determined by such factors as: 

  • City of Stonnington employees
  • families that are currently using the service
  • families that live, work or study within the municipality
  • the Australian Government 'priority of access' guidelines.

Flexibility in special cases of family crisis or other circumstances may also apply.

When the occasional care service is full, families can place their details on the service's daily waiting list. If and when cancellations for advanced bookings are received, the service will re-offer places to those families on the daily waiting list. 

Enrolment Process

Upon acceptance of a long day care or kindergarten place, families are required to confirm a start date, complete an enrolment form and begin the orientation process at the centre. A deposit is required to secure a childcare place. This non-refundable payment is required within three days of accepting the place.

Upon acceptance of an occasional care place, families are required to begin the orientation process at the centre and complete an enrolment form before bookings can be accepted. Payment of the occasional care registration fee is charged in addition to the first booking. 


Stonnington Childcare Services believes that a positive orientation experience supports the successful introduction of the children and parents to childcare. Parents are encouraged to commence the orientation process once they have accepted their child's place. Several short visits are recommended before leaving your child for an extended period of time. Orientation visits need to be pre-arranged with the team leader.

Orientation is important even if your child has been in care at another service. These orientation visits do not incur a fee and a parent must remain at the service during this time. Once care starts, parents are encouraged to leave the child for short periods of time, and then gradually increase the time depending on how the child is settling. Parents are encouraged to contact the service as often as they wish while their child is settling in, to check how their child is coping with their day in care.