Statement of Commitment, Important Dates & Upcoming Events

In 2001, Stonnington Council adopted the following Statement of Commitment as the foundation for local reconciliation:

The Council of the City of Stonnington acknowledges that Indigenous Australians were the first people of this land and have strived to retain their identity and culture through more than two hundred years of non-indigenous settlement.

The Council recognises that present collective disadvantage faced by Indigenous Australians stems from past and present injustices.

As part of the process to redress these disadvantages, the Council recognises and accepts its responsibility to learn from, and promote the intrinsic value of Indigenous Australian cultures to the wider community, understanding also that this enriches Australia’s heritage.

The Council acknowledges the right of Indigenous Australians to live according to their own values and customs in our valued diverse community, subject to Australian law.

The Council respects Indigenous Australians’ special relationship to the land and recognises Aboriginal sacred sites and significant places.

The Council recognises the valuable contribution to Victoria made by Indigenous Australians and will work together towards a future of mutual respect and harmony.

Important Dates

26 May:  National Day of Healing (Sorry Day)

27 May – 3 June:  National Reconciliation Week

3 June:  Mabo Day

2 - 9 July 2017:  NAIDOC Week (dates subject to change from year to year) -