Council's Environmental Commitment

At Stonnington, we're committed to a sustainable future for our city.

Environment is one of the four pillars of the Council Plan 2013-2017 and includes strategies to:

  • improve local biodiversity and open space
  • manage and use resources efficiently and
  • support the community to respond to emerging environmental issues.

Sustainable Environment Strategy 2013–2017

The Sustainable Environment Strategy 2013–2017 provides a strategic approach to improving the local environment and its influence on the health and sustainability of the city.Sustainability-Strategy-cover.jpg

Priority areas include:

  • environmental commitment and reporting
  • energy conservation
  • integrated water management
  • minimising waste and maximising resource recovery
  • sustainable purchasing and product use
  • biodiversity
  • environmental education.

Sustainable Environment Strategy 2013-2017(PDF, 3MB)


Sustainability Snapshot

Our progress in influencing key local environmental issues and achieving the goals of the Sustainable Environment Strategy is reported each year through our annual Sustainability Snapshot.

Sustainability Snapshot 2016-2017

Download our Sustainability Snapshot 2016-2017(PDF, 3MB)

View our latest Sustainability Snapshot online:

Stonnington Sustainability Snapshot 2016-2017


Sustainability Snapshot 2015-16

View or download the Sustainability Snapshot 2015-16(PDF, 3MB)

Sustainability Snapshot 2014-15

View or download our Sustainability Snapshot 2014-15(PDF, 9MB)

Sustainability Snapshot 2013-14

View or download ourSustainability Snapshot 2013-14(PDF, 4MB)

View or download ourSustainability Snapshot 2013-14(DOC, 157KB)

Sustainability Snapshot 2012-13

View or download ourSustainability Snapshot 2012-13(PDF, 962KB)