Council is committed to reducing its energy use and the associated greenhouse gas emissions. Council has successfully met its 2015 target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% below 2005 levels.

Council's Green House Gas Emissions

Due to continued investment in energy efficiency, including a bulk upgrade of our streetlights, Council is confident it will meet its 2020 target of a 30% reduction in greenhouse emissions below 2005 levels.

Council is also committed to supporting the community to reduce energy consumption and corresponding greenhouse gas emissions. Find out more about our Making Solar Simple Program and how you can conserve energy in your home.

Energy Conservation Highlights:

  • Solar PV on Malvern Town Hall280kW of solar has been installed across 12 Council buildings including our aquatic centres, libraries, community and sports facilities and our Service Centres.
  • 1,360 Stonnington properties currently have solar systems installed and 31.9kW of solar has been installed on Stonnington homes through Council’s home energy programs.

To find out more about Council’s commitment to Energy Conservation and our key achievements in 2015/2016 check out our latest Sustainability Snapshot.