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Our yearly Green Schools Program offers free hands-on educational experiences, such as incursions and excursions (see summary below), student leadership training and staff professional development sessions (online and face-to-face). For details download our current program - Stonnington-Green-Schools-Program-2017.pdf(PDF, 2MB).



Staff PD: Scholarship Program delivered by Cool Australia

Council wants to invest in your professional development. We recognise the great contribution that educators and teachers are making to our community. Our new Scholarship Program includes a wide range of fully subsidised Cool Australia online professional development courses. These 1-2 hour short courses will help build your confidence and skills. Embed sustainability into your current curriculum, measure waste using Maths and teach about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures. The Scholarship Program helps you:

  • Learn anywhere, anytime
  • Explore at your own pace
  • Get practical advice and resources
  • Boost your PD hours

If you are a successful applicant for the Scholarship Program, you will commit to completing a course of your choice within 3 months. You are welcome to invite your colleagues to apply for the program and learn together.

For course details download City-of-Stonnington-Scholarship-Program-T2-2017.pdf(PDF, 6MB).      

Visit our Environmental Education and Design Centre and Glen Iris Wetlands!

Our Environmental Education Centre at TH King Pavilion, 1650 High Street, Glen Iris is a multi-purpose community space and sports pavilion that showcases a range of environmentally sustainable design features including a green roof, thermal chimney and carpet made from recycled fishing nets. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of the natural environment on a short walk to the nearby Glen Iris Wetlands and Gardiners Creek. 


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To learn more about the free opportunities available through our annual Green Schools Program or to tailor a session to suit specific learning outcomes, please contact Stonnington's Environmental Education Officer on 8290 2051 or email.


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