Our Local Wetlands


How do wetlands work?

Wetlands enable the bio-filtration of stormwater run-off improving the quality of water entering our local waterways. They also provide important breeding habitat for local water birds, frogs, reptiles and mammals. 

When it rains, water flows into the stormwater drain, eventually ending up in our waterways and bays. As water travels across the surfaces of the city, it picks up a lot of nasty pollutants, including animal droppings, car oil and rubbish.

Aquatic and semi aquatic wetland plants absorb and remove pollutants from the water before it enters our local waterways.  

Visit some of our local wetlands

  • Glen Iris Wetlands - aquatic and semi-aquatic plants absorb and remove most pollutants from the water before it enters Gardiners Creek. 
  • Grange Rd Wetlands - treats stormwater that runs off local roads to remove nitrogen, phosphorus and heavy metals before it enters the Yarra River.
  • Percy Treyvaud Wetland -  is a specially designed system which filters stormwater runoff diverted from the Chadstone Main Drain. 

How can we help keep our waterways and bays clean?

There are many simple, everyday activities we can all do to reduce water pollution. Some of these include:

  • placing litter in the bin
  • cleaning up after your pets
  • composting leaves and garden waste
  • use natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals in your garden, like worm castings and compost.

Visit the Dirty Truth website to watch a series of short films to help you learn simple tips to reduce stormwater pollution.  

Help keep our bay and beaches clean, by making sure the only thing that goes down the drain is the rain. 

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