Carroll Cres RaingardenA raingarden is just like a regular garden but slightly different. It’s positioned to receive rainwater from hard surfaces such as roof tops, paths or roads. 

Urbanisation has increased the amount of hard surfaces, which means any runoff flows to the closest stormwater drain and then into our rivers and creeks. This runoff carries pollutants such as nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metals, fine sediments and litter.

Raingardens are designed to slow rainfall runoff during a rain event. By using a free-draining sand, water can flow through the system which cleans the water and also solves the issue of flooding.

The City of Stonnington has installed 47 raingardens across the City to improve the quality of stormwater entering our waterways and help reduce the impacts of flooding. Council continues to see opportunities to install water sensitive design assets, including raingardens, and also supports residents who may wish to build a rain garden at home. 

Further information on raingardens is available from Melbourne Water – What is a raingarden?

Chapel St Rain Garden

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