Electronic waste recycling

E-waste is another name for electronic products that are unwanted, not working, obsolete or have reached the end of their useful life.

These products contain valuable materials and parts that are able to be recycled and used over and over. Televisions, computers and other e-waste products contain non-renewable resources like tin, nickel, zinc, aluminium and copper which can't be used again if they’re sent to landfill.

Recycle your computers and TVs

The City of Stonnington provides free e-waste recycling during opening hours at its Waste Transfer Station. This service is available to households and small businesses through the Federal Government's TV and Computer Recycling Scheme.

See below for items that can and cannot be recycled through Stonnington's Waste Transfer Station. 

CAN be recycled through the Stonnington Waste Transfer Station

CANNOT be recycled through the Stonnington Waste Transfer Station

  • TVs
  • personal computers
  • laptops, notebooks and tablets
  • computer monitors
  • computer parts: hard drives, network and memory cards, cables, internal power supplies, disc, DVD and CD drives
  • computer peripherals: mice and keyboards
  • printers, scanners and faxes
  • printer toner cartridges.
  • video, DVD and CD players
  • hi-fi and stereo equipment
  • digital and video cameras
  • computer-game consoles (including handheld) and joysticks 
  • CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) screens that have been removed from their cases or are cracked and broken
  • hazardous waste
  • products contaminated or suspected of being contaminated with chemicals, biological agents, or other substances that are not integral to the original new equipment or otherwise associated with normal office or household environments.

NOTE: Don’t forget to remove your personal information from your computer before recycling.

Recycle batteries, CDs, cassettes, mobile phones

We also accept the following items for recycling at the Waste Transfer Station:

  • household batteries
  • CDs and cases
  • VHS tapes and cases
  • cassette tapes and cases
  • floppy disks
  • mobile phones and chargers.