Metro Tunnel

Stonnington Council is calling on the Federal Government to insist on South Yarra Station’s inclusion as an interchange station as part of any funding contribution to the $10.9 billion Metro Tunnel.

The inclusion of South Yarra station in the Metro Tunnel project would potentially benefit an additional 65,000 commuters per day on the Frankston and Sandringham lines by 2031.

The State's current Metro Rail Project proposal is likely to have a significant impact on the South Yarra precinct with no reward.

Key impacts include:

  • Complete occupation of the South Yarra Siding for approximately five years of construction
  • Noise, vibration, dust and amenity impacts associated with construction
  • Extensive local and arterial road traffic and parking impacts associated with construction
  • Visual and landscape amenity impacts
  • Social and community impacts associated with loss of open space and reduced public amenity during construction.

December 2016

Minister acknowledges the need to consider an interchange station at South Yarra as part of the Metro Tunnel project

April 2016

Stonnington Urges Government to Capture Full Benefits of Metro Rail Project

MMRP-South-Yarra-Station-Project(PDF, 5MB) 

South-Yarra-Station-Patronage-19-April-2016.pdf(PDF, 177KB)


Cr Claude Ullin, Mayor of Stonnington shares some ideas on how the Melbourne Metro Project could vastly improve the public realm in Stonnington. 


Cr Claude Ullin, Mayor of Stonnington highlights how upgrading South Yarra Station as part of Melbourne Metro will benefit the the local community and beyond.


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