Amendment C172

Permanent Planning Controls for the Chapel Street Activity Centre – Chapel reVision Structure Plan


The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C172 to the Stonnington Planning Scheme. The Amendment came into effect on 10 August 2017 when notice of its approval was published in the Government Gazette. 

Amendment C172 applies permanent planning controls to the Chapel Street Activity Centre to implement the Chapel reVision Structure Plan. The planning controls include the introduction of the Activity Centre Zone – Schedule 1 (ACZ1) to direct built form, height and preferred land use mix.

Amendment C172 approved documentation can be viewed on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s website, or in the Documentation area on this page.

Amendment Process

Amendment C172 was exhibited from August to September 2014.  Council received 68 submissions. A Planning Panel was held in March 2015.  The Panel recommended adoption of Amendment C172 as exhibited, subject to changes. 

At its meeting on 7 September 2015, Council adopted Amendment C172 with changes and submitted the Amendment and prescribed information to the Minister for Planning for approval. 

In October 2016, Council received a letter from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) stating that prior to the Minister considering whether to approve Amendment C172, the Minister asked that Council undertake a review to ‘simplify the Activity Centre Zone Schedule to reduce repetition, complexity and length’.  The scope of the review was policy neutral. 

At its meeting on 3 April 2017, Council considered the review process and the suggested changes to the ACZ1 were sent to the Minister for Planning for consideration as part of the amendment approval process.   

For more information on Chapel reVision, visit the Chapel reVision page.

How to find out more

For further information, please contact City Strategy on 8290 1395 or email


C172 Approved Documents 

C172-Adopted-Activity-Centre-Zone-Schedule-1.pdf(PDF, 3MB)  

C172-Panel-Report.pdf(PDF, 1MB) 

C172 Panel Documents

C172 Reference Documents

C172 Other Background Documents