Amendment C225

Heritage Protection for Four Federation Houses, Toorak

The City of Stonnington prepared Amendment C225 to the Stonnington Planning Scheme.

Amendment C225 introduced permanent heritage protection to the following places:

  • 177 Kooyong Road, Toorak (HO482)
  • 179 Kooyong Road, Toorak (HO483)
  • 181 Kooyong Road, Toorak (HO484)
  • 63 Albany Road, Toorak (HO485)


Exhibition of the Amendment closed on Friday 29 April 2016.

Council Consideration of Submissions

Council considered a report on the submissions received at a meeting on 6 June 2016. At this meeting, Council resolved to request the Minister for Planning to appoint a Panel to hear the submissions and consider the proposed Amendment.

Independent Panel

As no submitters requested to be heard at a hearing, the Panel considered the matter ‘on the papers’. All three written submissions were considered, along with a written submission from Council which responded to specific issues as directed by the Panel.

Panel Report

The Panel appointed to consider Amendment C225 recommended adopting the Amendment with several changes.


At its meeting on 5 December 2016, Council considered the recommendations of the Panel and resolved to adopt the Amendment with changes.


The Amendment has been approved by the Minister for Planning. The approved Amendment documents can be found under the Documentation area of this page.

If you have any queries, please contact Strategic Planning on 8290 1395 or email


C225 Approved Documents 

C225-Panel-Report.pdf(PDF, 261KB)

C225-Stonnington-Submission-to-Panel.pdf(PDF, 533KB)

Attachment-1-177-Kooyong-Road-Toorak-Citation.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Attachment-1-179-Kooyong-Road-Toorak-Citation.pdf(PDF, 597KB)

Attachment-1-181-Kooyong-Road-Toorak-Citation.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Attachment-1-63-Albany-Road-Toorak-Citation.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Attachment-2-Chronology-of-Key-Events.pdf(PDF, 87KB)

Attachment-3-Heritage-Grading-Definitions.pdf(PDF, 65KB)

C225-Council-Minutes-Report-and-Attachments-06-06-16.pdf(PDF, 1MB)