Chapel reVision

What is Chapel reVision?

Chapel reVision 2013-2031 is a review of the Chapel Vision Structure Plan 2007-2031 for the Chapel Street Activity Centre.

Chapel reVision aims to guide a range of important aspects including development, land use, movement, public realm/open space, strategic opportunities and economic/social planning and sustainability.

Amendment C172 implements the Chapel reVision Structure Plan by introducing permanent planning controls for the Chapel Street Activity Centre. The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C172 to the Stonnington Planning Scheme.  The Amendment came into effect on 10 August 2017 when notice of its approval was published in the Government Gazette.

For more information on Amendment C172, visit the Amendment page.

Project History of Chapel reVision

Council adopted Chapel reVision Structure Plan at its meeting on 7 July 2014. For a copy of the Notice Paper and attachments, refer to 7 July 2014 Council Meeting.

There were four stages of consultation as part of Chapel reVision:

  • Stage 1 - Community consultation (complete)
  • Stage 2 - Stakeholder and internal consultation (complete)
  • Stage 3 - Draft Chapel reVision Structure Plan and background documents community consultation for review and comment (complete)
  • Stage 4 - Statutory exhibition of Planning Scheme Amendment C172 - Chapel Street Activity Centre Permanent Planning Controls (complete)


For further information, please contact City Strategy on 8290 1395 or


For a copy of the Chapel reVision Structure Plan, Neighbourhood Framework Plans and Discussion Paper, visit the C172 Reference Documents page.