Forrest Hill Precinct, South Yarra - Streetscape Masterplan and Developer Contribution Plan

Current Status

A streetscape Masterplan for the Forrest Hill Precinct (land bound by Toorak Rd, Chapel St, Alexandra Ave and Yarra St, South Yarra) has been prepared and was adopted by Council on 10 November 2008.  A copy of the Masterplan can be viewed on this page under the Adoption heading.


The Forrest Hill Precinct, South Yarra is strategically important as a key area in Stonnington for higher density housing, mixed use and intensive built form. 

In December 2005, Council adopted the Forrest Hill Precinct Structure Plan, which included the implementation of an east-west pedestrian link and enhancements to the streetscape, public realm and infrastructure to accommodate this high-density activity.  In April 2006, Council subsequently adopted a Development Contributions Plan (DCP) to assist in voluntary agreements on permits and to facilitate a planning scheme amendment to introduce a DCP in the precinct. 

Following on, as part of the strategic planning and implementation of works in and around this precinct, a streetscape Masterplan has been developed to clearly articulate the design outcomes within public spaces.

Streetscape Masterplan

Public realm improvements are an integral part of place making and liveability in the precinct.  The Masterplan establishes a "vision" and comprehensive guide for future public realm enhancement.  Key objectives of the Masterplan are :


  • Reinforce the precincts role as a mixed use high density area.
  • Improve pedestrian amenity and safety, street legibility/hierarchy, quality of the local streetscape and to create a pedestrian friendly and walkable environment which promotes sustainable transport.
  • Provide for day and night operation of streets.
  • Provide for current and future growth in the precinct with high quality urban open spaces.
  • Assist the implementation of a development contribution scheme, and attract State Government funding opportunities.
  • Guide the redevelopment of the public realm and establishment of partnerships between developers and Council.

Key elements of the Masterplan include:

  • Widening of footpaths and new paving materials, colours/patterns.
  • Landscaping treatments in Yarra, Claremont, Daly Streets and Almeida Crescent.
  • Feature node points in Yarra, Claremont and Daly Streets to reinforce pedestrian priority along the east/west pedestrian link.
  • Provide entry threshold treatments into the precinct.
  • Develop pedestrian orientated spaces.
  • Road resurfacing of Yarra, Claremont, Daly Streets and Almeida Crescent.
  • Signalising Yarra Street/Alexandra Avenue intersection.
  • Under grounding of power lines.
  • Encourage the installation of public art and street furniture.
  • Graphically illustrate initiatives and opportunities for the precinct.


Engagement on the Masterplan included a design workshop in March 2007, informal exhibition of the draft Masterplan in October/November 2007, additional workshops in March 2008 and distribution of a final version of the Masterplan to key stakeholders and registered parties in October and November 2008. 

Stakeholder support was received for a higher quality public realm and a contemporary approach in design.  It was also acknowledged that a development contribution scheme(s) was required to implement these works . 


The Forrest-Hill-Precinct-South-Yarra-Streetscape-Masterplan.pdf(PDF, 20MB) was adopted at Council's meeting held on 10 November 2008.

Implementation - Developer Contributions and Partnerships

A Developer Contribution Scheme has been developed in line with this Masterplan to assist facilitating implementation with Developers. Council will continue to establish partnerships with key stakeholders .

For queries regarding the Streetscape Masterplan Project, please contact Council's Strategic Planning Department on 8290 1395.


Forrest-Hill-Development-Contribution-Plan.pdf(PDF, 720KB)