Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge

In 2013, for the first time infants and pre-prep children are being encouraged to join the Challenge.

 Last year over 220,000 Victorian students read more than 4 million books. Hopefully this year’s Challenge will inspire even more children and young adults than ever before to foster a love of reading.

The Challenge is not just about reading in English. The Challenge is open to reading in any language. Students can read, or be read to, children’s stories in Arabic or Spanish, classic comedies in French, the Ramayana in Hindi, Chinese poetry and more.

Let the reading adventure begin!

> Visit the official website for details on how to participate, booklists and other information.

Stonnington Libraries hold many, but not all, of these titles. For any enquiries please speak to our library staff.
If there any titles you would like to read, please place a reservation.

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The Library has catalogued books from the Challenge which are in our collection.

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