Glen Iris Park Wetlands

The Glen Iris Park wetlands were inspired by a strong belief that open space along the Gardiners Creek Valley should serve an ecological and educational role, rather than being purely recreational and ornamental.

The wetlands consist of three separate water bodies of various size and character, linked by bluestone channels, and a weir on Hedgeley Dene Drain.

Fallen dead trees, nesting boxes and an island were incorporated into the wetlands development to provide birdlife with safe nesting sites inaccessible to humans and their pets.

A wide variety of birds visit the area, including black ducks, white-faced herons, white necked herons, little cormorants, little grebes and swamp hens. The bird life will increase in number and diversify as the wetlands continue to mature and evolve, and provide more shelter and food.

The park offers BBQ facilities, play equipment, toilets and shelter.  

Further reading on the history of Glen Iris Park Wetlands.

The Glen Iris Park Wetlands are located on High Street, Glen Iris adjacent to Gardiner's Creek
Melway reference: Map 59 K9 and K10

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