Malvern Town Hall

Malvern Town HallVenue Facilities

The Main Hall (with stage, main floor, foyer and upstairs balcony) can accommodate up to 414 people for a dinner dance or 600 people for a public meeting or concert. The balcony, overlooking the main hall seats 147 people.

Seating and tables are provided for use.  A public address system comprises microphones and a five-disk CD player. A commercial kitchen is available at no additional charge.

The Malvern Town Hall and Banquet Hall may be hired separately or together and each venue has its own toilet and entrance facilities.

Stonnington City Centre
Corner Glenferrie Road and High Street
Melway Reference: Map 59 C8

Booking Arrangements

Following an enquiry, hirers can make a tentative booking prior to inspecting the venue. Due to demand, tentative bookings can be held for up to one week only. After which time, bookings are cancelled without notice.

After visiting the venue, hirers must contact Council's Halls Department to confirm the booking. At this time an Application for Hire package will be forwarded to the hirer. The hirer must complete and return the Application for Hire form together with the $1000 deposit within 14 days. Failure to so may result in the booking being cancelled.

Full payment of the account balance is required no later than one month before the date of Hire.

Please note: Terms and Conditions apply to the hire this venue. Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions prior to making a booking.

Pre Event Meetings

All hirers are required to attend a pre-event meeting with Council's Halls Department to ensure that the correct requirements are provided for the event. Prior to this meeting, the hirer should have made arrangements regarding:

  • Insurance Certificate
  • Liquor Licence
  • Floor plan
  • Food Permit
  • Catering details

This meeting is held one week prior to the event. Council's Halls Department will arrange the appointment.


Please visit the catering page for all information relating to catering, regulations, food permits, liquor licences and kitchen facilities.


It is a Condition of Hire that at least one Security Guard is in attendance at an evening function and /or when alcohol is being served.

At functions where alcohol is to be consumed, the ratio of Guards to Guests will be 1:100. For functions without alcohol, there will be one Guard on duty. Guards commence duty half an hour prior to the start of the function and finish one hour after the end of the function.

A Tax Invoice for the cost of Security Guards will be provided when the number of guests attending the function has been supplied. Please note that outside security companies may not be used.

Room Facilities, Equipment and Decorations

Please visit the Room Facilities, Equipment and Decorations page to view facilities and equipment available, along with room decorations and set up options.

Venue Dimensions

Town Hall
Width:  18m
Length (Stage edge to back wall): 28.4m
Floor Space:  511 Sq m

Stage - Performance Space Only
Width: 9.7m
Depth:  7m
Height from Floor: 1.27m
Pro Arch – Stage Height: 8.25m
Pro Arch – Stage Width: 7.65m

Width: 18m
Length: 9m

Town Hall Front Entry Door
Width: 1.52m
Height: 2.13m

Rear Entry Doors
Width: 2m
Height: 1.96m


Sticking of any paper or any other material to the paintwork is not permitted.


The venue is serviced and cleaned following the event at no additional charge.

Car Parking

Monday to Friday during the hours of 9am – 6pm there are approx 61 car spaces available at on the rear of the Town Hall. After these hours there are approx 70 car spaces available. Please note that these spaces are also available to the general public.

Public Transport

Trams 69 (Glenferrie Rd) and 6 (High St) provide convenient public transport access. Both Armadale and Malvern train stations connect with theses tramlines.

Load In and Out

Provision for unloading and loading is available at the rear of the building.

Banners and Posters

Council does not permit the hanging of Banners.

Two "A-Frames" can be put on the corner of Glenferrie Road and High Street. "A-Frames" must meet Council's specifications and their display is subject to the appropriate conditions and guidelines. Specifications, conditions and guidelines are available from the Halls Department on request.

Disabled Access

Disabled access is provided via the main entrance to the venue.

Floor plan

The following floor plan provides an illustration of the layout of the venue. Alternatively, please contact Council's Halls Department on Ph: 03 8290 1246 to request a copy of the plan.

Malvern Town Hall Floor Plan