untitled Literary Festival

[untitled]: our writers, readers and stories

Stonnington Libraries held our 6th Annual [untitled] Literary Festival from 16 – 20 November 2017

This year’s program included writing workshops, author talks, performances and featured:

  • author and self-described ‘television prankster’ John Safran in conversation with broadcaster Sally Warhaft 
  • Writer, journalist and former political staffer Jamila Rizvi with feminist thinker and broadcaster Clementine Ford
  • Comedian, music nerd and children’s author Alan Brough will chat about what makes for a hilarious children’s story
  • A revealing discussion with writers Claire Halliday, Jo Stanley and Danny Katz about how they balance exposing - and protecting - personal experiences and relationships in their writing
  • A discussion about the path our food takes to reach us with Michael and Pippa James (Tivoli Road Bakery) and Mat Pember (The Little Vegie Patch Co), moderated by Good Food Guide editor Roslyn Grundy.

We hope you all enjoyed our 6th Annual [untitled] Literary Festival!

What's Your Story? Writing Competition 2017

Thank you to all writers who submitted entries to our What’s Your Story? Writing Competition. 

Winners were announced on Thursday 16 November, at the launch of [untitled] literary festival: our writers, readers and stories. 

View the winners and read their entries.

Winners will share their stories and poems on Sunday 20 November at Stonnington's Best Short Stories Revealed