Building Permits

buildingUnder State legislation a building permit is required before commencement of most building work. The definition of 'building work' in the legislation includes new building, demolition and/or alteration. In many cases the builder or architect/draftsperson obtains the permit on behalf of the property owner.

For information about which work requires a building permit and which does not, we recommend referring to the wording of the exemption allowances of the Building Regulations or checking the 'building permits' page at the  Victorian Building Authority's website.

If building work is proposed it is wise to check whether a planning permit from Council's Planning Services Unit is also required, as a building permit cannot be issued unless any relevant planning permit has been issued.

Building permits are issued by building surveyors. An application for a building permit may be made to the Municipal Building Surveyor (Council's appointed official) or a private building surveyor (a registered person privately appointed by or on behalf of the owner, having no connection with Council). Note the Municipal Building Surveyor carries out building permit and inspection functions only with respect to land within the municipal district.


In the case of applications to the Municipal Building Surveyor, fees for building permit applications are determined under delegation from Council - refer our fee schedule below. Private building surveyors set their own fees.

Connected with a building permit are supplementary functions for which the relevant building surveyor will be responsible:

  • inspection of the building
  • work enforcement of building
  • standards occupancy permit functions.

Fee Schedule* for Building Permit Applications to the Municipal Building Surveyor - inspections included  (Current 1 July 2015)

  • Fences - minimum  $707
  • Carports - minimum  $742
  • Demolitions - minimum  $1,369 ($742 per additional storey)
  • Dwelling additions - minimum  $690 (cost of work to $10,000)
  • Dwelling additions - minimum  $1,392 (cost of work to $50,000)
  • Dwelling additions - minimum  $1,598 (cost of work over $50,000)
  • New dwelling - minimum  $2,693
  • Commercial building - minimum  $2,660 (cost of work up to $50,000)
  • Commercial building - minimum  $3,025 (cost of work over $50,000)
  • Final inspection of lapsed permit -$400

Fee Schedule* for Occupancy Permit Applications to the Municipal Building Surveyor

  • Class 1 (new houses) - $422
  • Other Classes - $661
  • Places of public entertainment - (Minimum $1199)

* Fees include GST.


The GST applies to building and occupancy permits issued by Local Government and private building surveyors, but not the VBA. It is charged in addition to the building permit levies charged by the VBA for its Building Administration Fund.

Levy and Lodgement Fee

The Building Act requires that these must be paid before any building permit can be issued.


(also see Victorian Building Authority webpage on the Building Levy)

  • $1.28 cents per $1000 where the cost of work is over $10,000. The levy is collected by the relevant building surveyor who will send to the Victorian Building Authority - plus

Lodgement Fee

Under 320 of the Building Regulations 2.75 fee units apply as a lodgement fee. For the financial year 2015/16 the fee is 2.75 x $13.60 = $37.40. 

For a specific quote from the office of the Municipal Building Surveyor, please call 8290 3525.

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