Site Coverage


To ensure that the site coverage respects the existing or preferred neighbourhood character and responds to the features of the site.

Decision Guidelines

The reporting authority may give its consent to an application for a building permit for a single dwelling, which does not comply with regulation 411 of the Building Regulations 2006, if:

  1. the site coverage will be more appropriate taking into account the preferred character of the area, where
  2. it has been identified in the relevant planning scheme; or
  3. the site coverage will be consistent with that of existing development on the allotment, if applicable; and
  4. the site coverage is consistent with a building envelope that has been approved under a planning scheme or planning permit and or included in an agreement under section 173 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987; and
  5. the site coverage is consistent with any relevant neighbourhood character objective, policy or statement set out in the relevant planning scheme.