Owner Builders

buildingIn June 2005 the Parliament of Victoria amended the Building Act so that a building permit application that nominates an owner-builder for domestic building work valued at over $12,000 with relation to a single dwelling can only be issued if that owner-builder has a certificate of consent issued by the Building Practitioners Board.

The intention appears to be to place a test on owner-builders to prove that they are genuine and are not covering for unregistered or uninsured building practitioners. This is interesting given that it has always been an offence under the Building Act for building practitioners to hold out as being qualified or insured to perform work as practitioners when not registered in the relevant category.

Building permits issued to owner-builders before 14 June 2005 are unaffected except, should a building practitioner be engaged during the course of work or cease to be engaged, the owner must now inform the relevant building surveyor within 14 days.

The criteria for the Building Practitioners Board granting a certificate of consent are contained in a new Division 3A of Part 3 of the Building Act. They include requirements:

for an application and fee declarations that the applicant resides and will continue to reside, or intends to reside in the dwelling the owner-builder has not been issued permits for domestic building work on other land for the past 3 years if the owner-builder co-owns or co-owned the land, permits have not been issued to the co-owner for work on other land for the past 3 years that the applicant is not in the business of building

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