School Entry Immunisation Status Certificate

A School Entry Immunisation Status Certificate is a specific document that shows your child's record of immunisation.

It is a legal requirement to provide a School Entry Immunisation Status Certificate on enrolment to primary school in Victoria. It assists health authorities in protecting children in the event of a vaccine preventable disease occurrence in school. An unvaccinated child may be excluded from school for a period of time.

You will automatically receive a history statement from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) after your child has completed the four year old vaccine schedule and has completed all childhood immunisations required (allow up to two weeks for processing).

It should state at the bottom of the page "This child has received all vaccines required by five years of age." If it does, this history statement becomes a School Entry Immunisation Status Certificate.

If for some reason your child's immunisation records are incomplete, missing, your child has been vaccinated overseas or your child has never been vaccinated, contact Council's Immunisation Officer on Ph: 03 8290 3335 for assistance.

If you have lost the certificate, contact the ACIR on Ph: 1800 653 809 to obtain another copy, or request a copy by visiting the Australian Government's Medicare Australia website. It is important that the ACIR has your current address details to make sure you receive your certificate.