Speed Advisory Trailers

The City of Stonnington has two speed advisory trailers that it places in local streets in the municipality to advise drivers of the speed at which they are travelling and to remind them to drive within the speed limit.

Placement of the trailers delivers aspects of Council's Road Safety Policy 2008-2017 and raises community awareness about the road safety issue of speed and speeding.

In the five year period 2006-2010, four pedestrians were killed and 135 were seriously injured in crashes in the City of Stonnington. Speed is a major contributor to the incidence of crashes and to the severity of resulting injuries.

As an example, the graph below shows the relationship between vehicle speed and pedestrian fatalities in the event of a crash; as impact speed increases, the likelihood of a pedestrian fatality increases.

 Speed Advisory Trailiers

The City of Stonnington urges all drivers to drive at safe and appropriate speeds for the safety of local road users.

More information about the speed trailers can be obtained from Gordon Walker, City of Stonnington’s Road Safety officer. Gordon’s contact details are 8290 3374 / gwalker@stonnington.vic.gov.au,