Council's vision for cycling in Stonnington is that; Cycling will be widely undertaken in Stonnington, whether for fun, fitness or travel – providing health, economic, social and environmental benefits to the community.Cycling Strategy 2013

Participation will be encouraged by facilities, programs and services. Travel throughout Stonnington by bicycle will be easy and safe, supported by a comprehensive network of accessible and convenient paths, laneways and trails that are accompanied by facilities that provide for resting and storing / securing bicycles. It will be particularly easy to access local facilities and gathering places. 

Stonnington Cycling Strategy 2013-2018

The Stonnington Cycling Strategy 2013-2018 aims to enhance the physical and social environments in order to support more people to cycle, and people to cycle more often. The Strategy addresses all cycling facilities in Stonnington, including trails, shared paths, on road bike lanes and associated infrastructure (such as signage, resting places and parking facilities), as well as programs and services to promote and encourage participation.

pdf format Stonnington Cycling Strategy 2013-2018 (2.50 MB)

 pdf format Stonnington Cycling Strategy 2013-2018 Action Plan (117.94 KB)

For further information contact the Transport Planner on ph 8290 1333

Travel Smart Map

The City of Stonnington TravelSmart map was developed in partnership by the Department of Transport and the City of Stonnington to provide sustainable transport information on a pocket-sized street map.

For a copy of the map please download the document below or contact Council on 8290 1333.

pdf format Travel Smart Map (6.84 MB)