Parking Control Signs


Road Rules – Victoria 1999Road Rule 176 (1) Offence code 800

A driver must not stop on a length of road or in an area to which a clearway sign applies, unless the driver is driving a public bus, public minibus.

 Many main arterial roads in Stonnington are designated as clearways during peak traffic times both morning and afternoon. The sign shown below outlines the type of information contained on a clearway sign.




Information outlining the days and times of operation of the clearway will be shown on the sign as required. Arrows will indicate the area of road to which the restriction applies




Drivers must not stop on a clearway during the times indicated for any reason. Obstructingclearways creates a safety hazard and causes frustration to other drivers. If you are driving a taxi, public bus, or public minibus, you may stop in a Clearway to drop off or pick up passengers. However, you must not stop and wait for passengers to arrive orleave your vehicle unattended to go and get them.

Most clearways are also designated 'tow away zones'. Signs advising which clearways are also 'tow away zones' have been installed at various points on the road. Your vehicle may be towed and impounded if unattended on these clearways.

If your car is towed away, you will need to contact Nationwide Towing on ph. 134 869. A release fee must be paid before an impounded vehicle is released to the owner or driver. This fee is in addition to the parking infringement penalty.

Penalty: On-the spot amount 1 penalty unit

Maximum Court Penalty 3 penalty units (+ costs)

The penalty is set under State Legislation and applies to all clearway offences within the State of Victoria

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