Parking Permits

Residential parking permits are available for the use of residents and their visitors. Permits are only valid for use when the vehicle is parked as close as possible to the residence to which it was issued. They must be used only toparking attend residence of issue, and are not to be used to visit any other property, even if it is within the boundaries specified on the permit.

Resident Parking Permits are only available to residents whose primary place of residence is within the municipality and who are living at the residence.

Permits must be displayed as per the conditions of use at all times. Vehicles parked with permits that are not displayed correctly or are illegible to a person standing outside may be subject to the issue of an infringement notice.

Up to two Residential Parking Permits may be issued free of charge to each rateable residential property unless Town Planning restrictions apply. The two free permits may consist of:

  • Two Specific Vehicle Permits, or
  • One Specific Vehicle Permit and one Variable Permit.

Residences where no Specific Vehicle Permit has been issued are not eligible to receive more than one Variable Permit.

Additional permits may be available to residents for a fee. The number and cost depends on the residential permit area. Details are available from Council's Service Centre at Malvern or Prahran Town Halls or Ph: 03 8290 1333.

Resident Parking Permits do not apply at any time to:

  • Primary/secondary roads (unless otherwise signed);
  • Off street car parks;
  • Ticket parking areas;
  • Parking zones of 30 minutes or less Clearways, Loading Zones, Street Sweeping Permit Zones, or where prohibitive (red) signs are in force; and
  • Outside or adjacent to non-residential and commercial premises. This applies to any point at the front, back and sides of the building. The ground floor purpose of the premises determines its commercial status.

Permits may not be used for business or commercial purposes at any time. They are only for the use of residents.

Resident Parking Permits are designed for Resident's passenger cars only. Please Note that Permits are NOT available for:

  • Commercial Vehicles / vehicles constructed principally for carrying loads/goods;
  • Prime movers, trailers, boats or caravans; and
  • Unregistered vehicles.

The information on this page does not provide all permit conditions of use. Full conditions of use of residential parking permits are provided at the time of application, issue and renewal. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to be familiar with, and ensure that their visitors are aware of, the permit conditions and adhere to them at all times. It should be noted that infringement notices incurred due to a lack of knowledge or understanding of the permit conditions may not be waived.

Where permits are used contrary to any of the terms and conditions a parking infringement notice may be issued and the permit cancelled. Continued mis-use of parking permits may also result in all permit privileges for a residence being revoked.

Please download the Residential Parking Permit Application and Conditions below.

pdf format Resident Parking Permit Application Form (37.76 KB)