Planning Forms and Fees

Metropolitan Planning Levy

A new Metropolitan Planning Levy introduced in the 2014 State Budget will commence on 1 July 2015. This applies to all new applications over $1 million.

More information, including how to apply for a Metropolitan Planning Levy certificate, can be found on the State Revenue Office website.

For a summary of the main points, refer to pdf format Metropolitan Planning Levy Info Sheet (15.30 KB).

 The following forms, and details of our fees, are available below. Each form contains guidelines to assist you in filling-out your application. 


Pre Application Advice Request Form

pdf format Pre_App_Request.pdf (65.88 KB)

You can request pre-application advice to help you with more complex land use and development proposals. You will need to send us:

  •  Completed form (or a summary detailing the project)
  •  A site plan
  • Concept drawings and any photos of the site to help us assess your proposal

When you have supplied sufficient information, one of our Coordinators will assess your proposal and provide you with appropriate advice.

If required, the Coordinator may arrange a face-to-face meeting with you to look at your proposal more closely and/or refer your pre-application information to our specialist heritage or urban design advisers.

For all other pre application advice, we have Planners on duty each day to assist with your enquiries. Please call to speak to one of our Duty Planners on 8290 3329 or pop into our Greville Street office during business hours (where possible please avoid visiting between 12 and 2pm, as this is usually a very busy time and we will only have time for brief advice).

Planning Permit Application Form

pdf format Application Pack Planning Permit - incl MPL (342.66 KB)

Use this for all planning permit applications (except Melbourne Water SBO and Hedgeley Dene Tree works - these are listed below). 

Special Building Overlay - Melbourne Water only

pdf format App_Pack_Melb_Water_SBO4.pdf (47.94 KB)

Use this application form or sites that are over 500sq metres and the only permit trigger is the SBO (Special Building Overlay) for Melbourne Water - CL44.05 of the Stonnington Planning Scheme.

You must have contacted Melbourne Water prior to lodgement with Council and enclose the approved plans and covering letter with this fast track application.

Hedgley Dene - Tree Works only 

pdf format App_Pack_Hedgley_Dene_Trees4.pdf (48.95 KB)

Use this application form for sites within Hedgeley Dene where the only trigger for a planning permit is to lop, prune or remove trees - NCO (Neighbourhood Character Overlay) CL43.05 of the Stonnington Planning Scheme.

For further information on Hedgeley Dene applications click here.  

Amendment & Extension of Time Form

pdf format Amendment Pack 2014 (52.97 KB)

Under Section 72 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, any request for amendments to a permit must be made in writing to the Responsible Authority.

You must ensure that all amendments are clearly highlighted on any new plans you submit and are at the same scale as the plans previously endorsed/assessed by Council. Please be sure to include a written summary of the changes required.

The same statutory timeframes apply to application to amend a permit as does to apply for a new permit application (ie 60 days).

Please note:

  • Council may require your amendment to be notified to your neighbours and other interested parties.
  • Failure to enclose any relevant fee when lodging an amendment or other matter for consideration by Council, will result in delays in processing your request.

The amendment form can also be used to: 

  • make a Secondary Consent request to modify endorsed plans
  • lodge Plans to Comply with permit conditions
  • request an Extension of Time to start and finish a permit.

Planning Information Request Form

pdf format Planning information request 2014 (24.59 KB)

Use this form to request a range of planning information - for example copies of permits and plans and general planning advice. 

Written planning advice is available for a fee of $60 (per site address).

Recent changes to Responsible Alcohol Victoria procedures, require that you provide a copy of the planning permit OR written Council advice (indicating that the requested use of the licenced premises will not contravene the planning scheme) prior to lodging your request to Department of Justice / Responsible Alcohol Victori

S29A - Report & Consent for Demolition Form

pdf format S29A App Form July 2015 (92.71 KB)

Under section 29A of the Building Act 1993, if an application is made to the relevant building surveyor for a building permit for the demolition of a building on land within the municipality and:

(a) "The demolition and all other demolitions completed or permitted in respect of the building within the period of 3 years immediately preceding the date of the application would together amount to the demolition of more than one half of the volume of the building as it existed at the date of the first building permit to be issued within that period for the demolition of any part of the building; or

(b) The demolition is of any part of the facade of a building" then the report and consent of Council must be obtained. The form to obtain this consent can be downloaded below. Please note the Statutory fee of $62.60 is applicable for all requests.

See also Stonnington Building Department.

Revised Plans Form

Use the applicable form to lodge revised plans to a planning application or an amendment to an existing planning permit, or  to change the proposal details or site address - where a decision has not yet been issued.

Revised Plans for Applications

pdf format Revised Application Declaration - incl MPL (186.42 KB)

Revised Plans for Amendments

pdf format Revised_AMENDMENT_Declaration2.pdf (27.20 KB)

Please note all revisions lodged after an application has been advertised, will require the Statutory Fee of $102.00.

All revised plans must be accompanied by the relevant declaration form before Council can accept them for assessme

Objection Form

pdf format Objection_Form2.pdf (31.86 KB)

This form can be used to help you make an objection to an application, in a way which complies with the Planning and Environment Act 1987, and which can be readily understood by the responsible authority. There is no requirement under the Act that you use any particular form.

Make sure you clearly understand what is proposed before you make an objection. You should inspect the application at our office or call one of our Planning Support Officers on 8290 3329 to have the advertised material emailed to you.

You can also view all advertised material here.

To make an objection, you should clearly complete the details on this form and lodge it with the responsible authority, as shown on the Public Notice's Application for Planning Permit.

An objection must:

  • State the reason for your objection
  • State how you would be affected if a permit is granted

The responsible authority may reject an objection that it considers has been made primarily to secure or maintain a direct or indirect commercial advantage for the objector. In this case, the Act applies as if the objection has not been made.

Petitions and Multiple Signatories

Petitions are counted as one objection regardless of the number of signatories. Separate objections are required from each petitioner if you wish to have objector status and appeal rights otherwise only the first signatory OR any other person as directed, will be registered as an objector.

PLEASE NOTE OBJECTIONS ARE NOT CONFIDENTIAL - as required by S57 of the Planning & Environment Act, Council must make a copy of every objection available to any person to inspect, free of charge, during business hours.

Fees Guide


Planning and Environment Fees Interim Regulations 2011

Subdivision Fees Interim Regulations 2011

Interim planning and subdivision fees regulations have been approved by the Governor in Council and will come into operation on 24 July 2011. The interim regulations will carry over the current planning and subdivision fees for 12 months.

The current Planning and Environment (Fees) Regulations 2000 and Subdivision (Permit and Certification Fees) Regulations 2000 are scheduled to expire on 24 July 2011 and 25 September 2011, respectively. A review of the fees was commenced by the previous government.  The Government has indicated its intention to amend the Planning and Environment Act 1987 this year to implement reforms to key planning processes, including introducing a new code-assessment permit process. The Minister for Planning has therefore decided to carry over the current planning and subdivision fees for a further 12 months while these reforms are finalised. New fees regulations will be developed during this time in consultation with local government and industry.

pdf format App_Fees3.pdf (20.00 KB)  pdf format Fees Schedule - Amendments (19.07 KB)

The interim fees can be viewed at (refer to "Victorian Law Today").


Advertising Fees (non statutory) 

The following fees apply to all notice of application for a planning permit:

  • Base fee - $82.50 (includes 10 letters)
  • Additional letters - $5.50 each
  • Notice - Sign on site - $27.50 each

Please Note:  GST is applicable to the above fees.

Extension of Time Fees

A request to extend the commencement and completion timeframe for a Planning Permit is $385.

Secondary Consent

A request to amend the endorsed plans is based on the difference in cost of works from the original application and the proposed changes to the plans.  See the Amendment Fees Schedule to calculate the relevant fee.

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