Planning Scheme Amendments

A planning scheme sets out policies and requirements for the use, development and protection of land.

The process for an amendment to the Planning Scheme is set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987.  An amendment can involve a change to the written part of the scheme (ordinance) and/or to a map.

An amendment can be initiated by a planning authority (including Council) or by any person.   A proponent must be able to demonstrate adequate justification as to why an amendment should be prepared.  Before an amendment can be prepared, it must be authorised by the Minister for Planning.

For more information about the Planning Scheme Amendment process visit the Department of Transport, Planning & Local Infrastructure.

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C212 - Malvern Road - Burke Road Activity Centre

11 February 2015

C208 - Mapping Corrections 

13 November 2014

C206 - 420-424 Punt Road, South Yarra 

19 February 2015

C204 - 21 William Street, South Yarra 

18 March 2015

C197 - Proposed Public Acquisition Overlay Over Specified Land 

11 December 2014

C192 - 20 Darling Street, South Yarra

6 October 2014

C189 - Toorak House Precinct Permanent Heritage Controls 

12 November 2014

C187 - New Residential Zones

9 July 2014

C186 – Increase to Public Open Space Contributions

17 February 2015

C185 – Victorian & Edwardian and Edwardian Houses Neighbourhood Character Overlay and Design and Development Overlay 

24 March 2015

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