Hard Waste Collection Service

The City of Stonnington provides two Hard Waste Collections per year, one in SPRING and one in AUTUMN. 4 piles of Hard Waste 

Residents can now search their property’s upcoming Autumn hard waste collection date by using an interactive tool called ‘Near me’.

How to find your date

Enter your address in the search field provided. Your dates will appear above the map on the right hand side under Your Local Information.

Find your date now.

You can also check your letter box for a brochure advising of your collection date at least 2 weeks prior to your collection.

Preparing Hard Waste items for collection

Please be aware:

  • Please place your items in four separate piles for ease of collection.
  • All items must be able to be lifted by 2 people
  • All items MUST NOT be longer than 1.5m (5ft) in length.
  • A limit of 5 cubic metres of total waste will be collected.
  • We are unable to accept pallets in our hard waste collections

Pile 1: Green Waste for recycling

  • Tree prunings and branches in neatly tied bundles, using string and rope (NO WIRE)
  • Tree prunings up to 1.5m and maximum diameter of 50cm
  • DO NOT contains green waste in old bins or plastic bags
  • DO NOT place out grass clippings, vines, rose cuttings, weeds and leaves
  • ALL green waste must be manageable by 1 person

Pile 2: Scrap Metal for recycling

  • Scrap metal including drums and metal tanks
  • Small metal car parts less than 30kg and 1.5m long
  • Empty paint tins under 40 cm in diameter with lids removed
  • Hot water systems and baths
  • Whitegoods e.g. washing machines and fridges with doors removed
  • Other electronic goods
  • Air conditioners and hot water units
  • Tools and equipment
  • Roofing iron and guttering up to 1.5m in length

Pile 3: Hard Waste for disposal

  • Mattresses and bed bases
  • Pottery, ceramics and china
  • Clothing
  • Carpet
  • Mirrors/window glass securely wrapped and marked 'GLASS'

Pile 4: TVs and Computers for recycling

  • Computer monitors
  • Computer hard drives
  • Televisions
  • Printers

Garden Waste collection bins are available for fortnightly collection at an annual fee. Visit the Garden Waste pages for further information.

Items that CANNOT be placed out for collection

  • NO renovation or building materials
  • NO pallets
  • NO gas bottles
  • NO passenger car, 4WD or truck tyres
  • NO household garbage or recyclables
  • NO car bodies or engine blocks
  • NO hazardous materials or asbestos
  • NO motor oil, liquid waste or pesticides
  • NO chemicals, pharmaceuticals or paint
  • NO batteries (Household batteries can be disposed of at ALL Stonnington's Libraries, Service Centres, Aquatic Centres and Waste Transfer Station)

Visit Recycling Near You or call 1300 733 712 for appropriate disposal methods for these items.


What if items in my Hard Waste Collection are in good working condition?

Before you  place your Hard Waste out for collection, consider if items are still in good working condition and could be reused by others.

There are a range of options for these types of items, including;

How do I find out how to recycle or dispose of other items?

Visit Recycling Near You or call 1300 733 712 for recycling and disposal options local to Stonnington all year round.

What can I do with my Hard Waste throughout the year?

Plenty of Items can be taken to Stonnington's Waste Transfer Station for recycling and disposal throughout the whole year. Visit the the Waste Transfer Station page for more details including opening hours and a list of accepted materials.

How do I responisibly dispose of my household chemicals?

Residents can utilise Sustainability Victoria's Detox Your Home service, provided in conjunction with local Councils. This FREE service allows householders to safely dispose of potentially dangerous chemicals through a mobile collection service at 31 locations across Victoria and a network of permanent Victorian drop-off sites accessible all year round. For more information visit Council's Detox Your Home page or contact Sustainability Victoria on 1800 353 233.

Who do I contact regarding my Hard Waste Collection Service?

Please contact Council for any collection queries.