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Plans are well advanced to transform Claremont Street in South Yarra into a people-friendly shared space with quality pavements and street furniture, lots of trees and greenery, and areas where people can come together to enjoy their neighbourhood.


Forrest Hill is a significant precinct within the South Yarra landscape, supporting higher density living, a vibrant mix of commercial, residential and retail uses, and a predominance of tall buildings.

In 2005, the Council adopted the Forrest Hill Precinct Structure Plan which introduced an east-west pedestrian link, improved streetscape and public spaces, and a framework to support high-density activity.

And, in 2008 the Council adopted the Forrest Hill Precinct masterplan - providing the vision for public space improvements that respond to increasing development and population growth within the precinct. The masterplan established typologies for improving pedestrian environments, consolidating traffic movement, creating more greenery and encouraging commercial growth through on-street dining and trade opportunities.

Since its adoption in 2008, masterplan projects have progressively been rolled out, with the planned Claremont Street streetscape improvements being the final phase of the implementation.

Claremont Street - pre-works

Getting ready for the streetscape improvement works has required the completion of some pre-works, and we continue to work closely with utility providers, like Citipower, to prepare the street for when we start construction in 2022.

To date, Citipower have moved their power cables underground and in November 2021 will be returning to install new electrical conduits to suit the new LED streetlights that will be installed as part of the improvement works.

When we complete our program of works, Citipower will return to install the new streetlights.

Staged construction

The extent of the Claremont Street streetscape improvements works will require the project to be constructed over several stages and, for budgeting purposes, financial years.

Project overview

Project status Design development
Project type Streetscape improvements
Scope of works 

Reconfigure street layout to accommodate wider footpaths

Lay new paving (a mix of materials, colours and patterns)

Tree planting and greenery

Create spaces for public seating and outdoor dining

Reinforce pedestrian priority on east/west Yarra, Claremont and Daly streets

Implement shared pedestrian/vehicle zone

Underground power lines

New poles and LED streetlights

Asphalt resurface road pavement

Construction timeline 

Start date:TBA

Completion date: TBA

Contact (City of Stonnington)

James Edmond

P: 8290 1333


Contact (Construction) 


Emergency contact  03 8290 1333 (all hours) 


As the Forrest Hill masterplan was adopted some 13 years ago, in March 2021 we went back to Claremont Street to interview the local community and establish if the planned streetscape improvements, endorsed by the community in 2008, were still relevant to the community today.

The results of the March 2021 consultation provided a clear indication that what was important to the community in 2008, is still important to them today.

View the Claremont Street assessment report(PDF, 2MB)

View the design

Claremont Street streetscape improvements



Download Claremont Street design(PDF, 5MB)

Facts and figures

Here are some interesting facts and figures comparing Claremont Street assets now and what is planned:

 Asset Now  Planned 
 Street trees 80
 Light poles 13  33
Street furniture  0 40
Bollards  100
Street bins  16
Car parking bays  73  31 
Disabled parking bays 



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