Multipurpose sport and recreation facility


In May 2019, Council adopted a masterplan for the Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park(PDF, 20MB) in Malvern East.

The masterplan will guide development of new community sporting facilities and park improvements:

  • four indoor sports courts for basketball and netball
  • upgraded facilities for the Chadstone Bowls Club, Chadstone Lacrosse Club, Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club, Chadstone Tennis Club and East Malvern Tooronga Cricket Club
  • park improvements for casual users.

Council thanks the representatives from Basketball Victoria, Chadstone Bowls Club, Chadstone Lacrosse Club, Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club, Chadstone Tennis Club, East Malvern Tooronga Cricket Club and Prahran Netball Association who provided valuable assistance in the development of the masterplan.


The multi-purpose sport and recreation facility with four indoor sport courts and upgraded facilities for resident sporting clubs and casual users will be one of the City's largest-ever investments in sporting infrastructure. The indoor sport courts will cater principally for netball and basketball, providing a much-needed community asset for local clubs, schools and associations.

Why we need more indoor courts

Participation statistics from the Australian Sports Commission (refer page 16) indicate that netball and basketball are the fourth and seventh most popular participation sports in Australia.

A 2015 needs analysis into demand for additional multi-court indoor facilities in Stonnington clearly showed a shortage of indoor court space.  Stadiums in nearby municipalities are at capacity and Stonnington needed at least four more courts to meet current demand.

As part of the 2017 feasibility study, a report by consultants Otium Planning Group(PDF, 2MB) assessed the demand for indoor courts and the feasibility of the proposed development, management and operation of a four-court stadium at Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park. Their report found that lack of available indoor courts, current high occupancy level of existing facilities, participation growth, predicted population growth rate and anticipated demand for basketball and netball supported the future provision of additional indoor sports courts.

Giving women fairer access to sporting facilities 

According to a 2016 VicHealth research report, increased participation by community members is more likely in local government areas with a high availability of sports facilities.

Participation in organised sport contributes to a healthy Stonnington, with 37 per cent of those interviewed in the 2015 VicHealth Indicators Survey reporting they participate in organised sport. This is significantly higher than the Victorian average of 29 per cent.

Women and girls deserve modern, safe, welcoming and inclusive sporting facilities, and a new indoor facility is required to meet the needs of sports such as netball and basketball, popular among women and girls.

Long-established sports such as Australian rules football and cricket have dominated the use of Stonnington’s sporting facilities while sports such as netball and basketball, which are more popular among females, have historically had access to fewer facilities.

More indoor courts in Stonnington is an important step towards improving equity of access to sporting facilities, and will ensure residents have access to high-quality, purpose-built recreational facilities.


The Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park masterplan delivers four indoor courts for sports such as netball and basketball, upgraded facilities for the Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club (and its sport sections of the Chadstone Bowls Club and Chadstone Tennis Club) and park improvements for seasonal sporting clubs and casual users.

Summary of facilities

 Location Facility
Car park  More than 200 bays of under cover car parking. 

 Indoor courts

Four indoor sports courts designed to Netball Victoria and Basketball Victoria guidelines.

Spectator seating for each court.

Scorer and team benches for each court.

Scoreboard, game clock and shot clock for each court.

Tournament office with line of sight to courts.

Acoustic treatment for the absorption of sound.

Accessible change rooms.

First aid room.

Chadstone Bowls Club

New eight rink synthetic bowling green.

Seating and shelters around rinks.

All-weather shade sail shelter

Lighting to accommodate night bowling.

Chadstone Tennis Club 

Seven new courts (five synthetic clay and two plexipave).

Lighting to accommodate night tennis.

Perimeter fence with access gates.

One show court with spectator seating. 

Shared administration facilities and social spaces 

Reception area with provision for centre manager office.

Shared sports association office accommodation for 5-6 people.

Meeting spaces for sports associations.

Staff kitchen and toilets.

Four designated social spaces.

Bar and lounge facility for Chadstone Recreation and Civic Club.

Shared kitchen suitable for catering events.

(used by Chadstone Lacrosse Club (winter) and East Malvern Tooronga Cricket Club (summer) 

Male and female change rooms and storage facilities.

First aid room.

Improved viewing areas for spectators.


View a full list of facilities in the PercyTreyvaud Masterplan(PDF, 20MB) (pages 22 and 23).

Project timeline

 Date Process 

Construction of sporting facilities and park upgrades. Timeline to be confirmed following Supreme Court determination.


Supreme Court determination regarding restrictive covenants at Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park.


Detailed design complete.

May 2019 

Council endorse masterplan.

Feb-Mar 2019 

Community consultation on draft masterplan.

Feb 2019 

Council endorse draft masterplan endorsed for public exhibition.

2018 - early-2019 

Draft masterplan development, including community consultation. 

Feb-Apr 2018  Nomination and appointment process for stakeholder group.
February 2018 

Council endorse governance structure and draft terms of reference.

October 2017  Council endorse Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park as the location for a multipurpose sport and recreation facility.
2017  Feasibility study completed. 

Please note: No demolition, construction or tree removal will begin until the final determination, on the covenants, is handed down by the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Further, an information session will be held before commencing any works, to give the community an opportunity to ask questions about the project and construction timetable. Details of this meeting will be provided to residents by letter, via email to Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park eNewsletter subscribers and announced via a notice on the City of Stonnington website.

We will work directly with representatives from the sporting clubs to arrange appropriate alternate accommodation during the works. 


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Supporting documents

View supporting documents

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of the Stonnington City Council - June 2019(PDF, 419KB)

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of the Stonnington City Council - May 2019(PDF, 622KB)

Trafficworks - Traffic and Parking Assessment Report (February 2019)(PDF, 38MB)

Greenwood Consulting - Preliminary Arboricultural Assessment (February 2019)(PDF, 15MB)

Irwinconsult - Traffic Engineering Report (February 2019)(PDF, 3MB)

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of the Stonnington City Council - February 2019(PDF, 2MB)

City of Stonnington Percy Treyvaud Memorial Park Masterplan: Engagement Report (January 2019)(PDF, 3MB)

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City of Stonnington Recreation Strategy 2014-2024 (December 2014)(PDF, 687KB)


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