Outdoor trading

Stonnington’s Outdoor Trading Program continues to support business recovery as we reopen. 

Helping businesses use outdoor spaces created COVID-safe dining experiences as restrictions allowed, but have now left a lasting impression on the people who live, work and play in Stonnington. 

Outdoor trading covers different permits that include: 

  • Footpath Trading Dining Permit for dining with tables, chairs and other furniture on the footpath outside your business
  • Footpath Trading Extended Dining Permit for extra outdoor dining space on your neighbour’s footpath
  • Roadside Dining Permit for outdoor dining in a converted parking space outside your business
  • Footpath Trading Permit for displaying goods or an A-frame advertising board, or setting up a queue or real estate pointer board on the footpath outside your business. 

For more information and to apply for each permit, visit the below:

Footpath Trading

Roadside Dining