Footpath Trading Invoices and Renewals

Footpath Trading Invoices/Renewals include permits for:

  • Advertising Boards 
  • Dining Areas 
  • Goods 
  • Nightclub Queues 
  • Real Estate Pointer Boards 

Footpath Trading Permit Invoices are due within 14 days of approval of permit. Invoices will be sent in the mail.

Renewal payments are due by 1 October each year.

The City of Stonnington offers various options for Footpath Trading Payments - please see these options listed on the back of your invoice.


Important Information:

  • If there has been a change of ownership then a new application form must be completed by the new owners. Permits are not transferable and any permit/s in the previous applicants name will be cancelled. Please do not make payment on a renewal if the applicant or business details are not current.

Footpath-Trading-Application-Form-2016-2018.pdf(PDF, 224KB)