Licensed premise

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When is a permit required for a licensed premise?

A planning permit is required under Clause 52.27 of the Stonnington Planning Scheme to use land to sell or consume liquor if any of the following apply:

  • a licence is required under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998
  • a different licence or category of licence is required from that which is in force
  • the hours of trading allowed under a licence are to be extended
  • the number of patrons allowed under a licence is to be increased
  • the area that liquor is allowed to be consumed or supplied under a licence is to be increased.

Further details can be found in the Stonnington Planning Scheme.

Applying for a planning permit for a licensed premise

The following documents are required to submit your application:

  • a copy of title and relevant lot plan, this can be obtained from the Land Data website
  • description of the proposal including proposed hours of operation and patron numbers
  • site context description including the nature and location of uses surrounding the site
  • number of car parking spaces on site
  • the red-line plan - the area on your site plan where you propose to serve alcohol. The plan should include a layout of the site showing the seating areas, key fixtures and fitting and proposed maximum patron numbers
  • noise amenity and action plan, including identification of noise sources and details of any music to be played at the venue
  • an assessment by a registered building surveyor detailing the patron capacity of the licensed premise.

Please refer to Clause 22.10 (Licensed Premise Policy) of the Stonnington Planning Scheme for details of the application requirements.

Once you have prepared all the documents for your application, submit the application online via our ePlanning Portal.

Your application will allocated to a planning officer and assessed. If additional information is required to assess your application, a further information request will be sent out within 28 days of lodging your application.

Alternatively, our business concierge team will help people considering purchasing, establishing or changing a business in Stonnington. To speak with a member of the team, complete our small business self assessment tool or contact or 8290 3329.

Application Fee

Planning permit application fees can be found here.

Stonnington Liquor Accord

The Stonnington Liquor Accord is open to any local business that holds a liquor licence.